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Wooden Handbags: The Vivienne Collection (Le Grand Kevazingo)

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This collection is inspired by our graceful, kind, and altruistic grandmother Vivienne. She is a talented seamstress who received her Haute Couture training in Switzerland. She is renowned for her enchanting ornate wooden doll collection, as well as her regal evening gowns and fashion forward dresses. 

Kevazingo has a pinkish red to red brown color, with purple veins which causes streaking on the quartered surface and a grained texture on the flat cut surface. Exposure to the light reduces the grained texture.The wood structure is straight, sometimes irregular or interlocked. Kevazingo is popular because of its decorative appearance and favorable properties.

 The chic transformation of fine wood into a novel textile form that transcends both Art and Fashion.This bag is a boldly designed piece of wearable art with a unique architectural form. It makes a striking visual statement even from a distance. This bag is hand crafted with carefully selected wood with grain of the highest quality.  

The sleek, versatile Grand Kevazingo is made of premium quality Kevazingo wood. Features a soft leather interior. Optional leather strap with brass fitting (medium size) so that clutch may be worn on shoulder. Our bags are extremely light weight, feature a comfortable grip and have a generous interior to store all the essentials.

Our bags are environmentally friendly products. Our delicate hand crafting process does not utilize chemicals, and does not harm nature. 

Each bag features carefully chosen pieces of wood with a unique grain pattern. This pattern is never repeated so no two bags are ever similar.

Wood sourced from North America.


 300 mm by 180 mm by 70 mm.

Weight: 1 kg (2.2 pounds), with case 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds).

 All bags come with a Hassle free 1-Year warranty.

Your purchase includes: Clutch, Leather Strap/brass fittings, Box, Care instructions, and a 1-year warranty. Need to request for no Leather strap and brass fittings option if that is your preference. 

Return Policy 14 days.

This is a made to order item. If it is available it will be shipped out asap.It takes 14-21 business days to hand craft this bag. Please bear this in mind as you order.