Wooden Element is a small Illinois based artisan company with a passion for fashion, celebrating heritage, and nature. We aim to reinterpret classical fashion accessories and give them a modern wooden edge.

We respect nature, and our philosophy is to craft sustainable fashion accessories in a manner that does not harm our environment. 

We also promote diversity and celebrate our rich cultural Heritage. Our Swiss, Dutch, Nigerian, Brazilian, English and American backgrounds are reflected in our products. You can review the brief narrative listed under some of products, and connect with our experience. 

Our goal at Wooden Element is to engage our loyal clients on social media, and employ a direct to consumer approach to building our brand. In addition to our E-commerce platform, we enjoy directly interacting with our customers at Pop-up shows, Trunk Sales, Flea Markets, Artisan Markets, Fashion Shows, and other Retail Events. 




Natalie Akerele: Creative Designer and Founder 

David Akerele: Business Development and Co-Founder 

Selina Penarski: Marketing Director and Director of Sales for the UK

Darryl Langendeon: Director of Sales for Canada 

Mary Beth Newbie: Senior Sales Manager 

Garrett Vonderheide: Sales Associate/Brand Ambassador 

Katie McCauley: Sales Associate


Brand Ambassadors:

Keenen Lee: https://www.instagram.com/keenenleestyles

Dr. Bryce Austell: https://www.instagram.com/doctor.bryce

Khari Mateen: https://www.instagram.com/kharrari


Contact Information:

Email: info@woodenelement.org




Wooden Element strives to bring a creative and bold flare to the modern day fashion paradigm. Our products and accessories target individuals that value craftsmanship, ingenuity, and attention to detail. We provide a twist on classical fashion accessories that will ensure our clients stand out from the crowd. We go against the grain, and we do it in style! Thank you for your patronage.


The Modern Woman

We aim to provide quality items that marry fashion with art. This fusion focuses on geometric constructs that utilize rare and vintage raw materials. We provide our clients with eye-catching finished products and accessories that are visually stunning. Our artisans take pride in their work and obsess over every detail from inception to completion. Our line of modern women’s accessories includes:

Our Landmark Wooden Clutch Bags 

Our Wooden Handbags 

Our Wooden Card Holders/Wallets

Our Wooden Causal Lapel Pins

Our Wooden Sunglasses

Our Wooden Optical Glasses 

Our Wooden Bracelets 

Our Mini Wooden Jewelry Box


 The Modern Man

We aim to provide men unique products that will ensure their professional and personal attire is enhanced in a complementary but non-overpowering manner. We provide a contemporary array of men’s products that by definition go against the grain:

Our Wooden Formal Lapel Flowers 

Our Wooden Causal Lapel Pins

Our Wooden Bow Ties 

Our Wooden Wrist Watches

Our Wooden Cuff Links 

Our Wooden Sunglasses

Our Wooden Optical Glasses 

Our Wooden Beard Combs