1. Do your products come with a warranty?
Our Sunglasses, Watches, and Handbags all come with a 1-year warranty. We offer a 12-month makers-warranty in case of any defects. 
Additionally, our rings have a 2-year warranty. 

2. What is your return policy?
We are dedicated to providing you with the best service, quality products, and wish you to love your purchase. You can expect a full refund, within 14-days of purchase (provided that your items are still brand new, and are in unsoiled/unworn condition.

Any accessories that are sent back in soiled/used/stained/  condition will be sent back to customer. No exceptions. 
To return your unused, new purchase within the return period, please email us at woodenelement2015@gmail.com or info@woodenelement.org
The 14-day return period starts from the time products are delivered.
Please note that for bespoke (customized) items, all sales are final. 

3. Where do you ship? Do you ship internationally?
We ship within the US and also internationally.

4. What are your shipping methods? 
USPS and DHL (International).

5. Do you have care instructions for products?
We recommend using a food grade mineral oil once a month during dry months (using during winter months). If you live in an area with year around dry climate, we recommend application monthly.
Simply dip a Q-tip into the mineral oil, and apply sparingly to the wood gently. This prevents the wood from drying out, and keeps your accessory looking fresh and crisp. 

6. Where do you ship?
So far we have shipped to North America, South America, The African Continent, Asia, The Middle East, and Australia.
Please read the "Shipping Information," section carefully. 

7. What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, Discover,Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club International. 

At retail events, we use square to process our point of sale transactions for all major debit and credit cards. 

8. Do you take wholesale order or custom orders?
Yes we are happy to take custom and wholesale orders (depending on the item).
Please email info@woodenelement.org or woodenelement2015@gmail.com if you are interested. 

9. Are you interested in working with distributors?
Yes we are happy to work with candid, and reputable businesses that can help grow our brand. 

10. Do your products come with a case? 
Our Watches, Sunglasses, Bow Ties, Earrings, Rings,  Clutches, and Handbags all come in a case. 

11. How long does it take to process orders?
Within 24-48 hours from when order is placed and payment is made.
We do not process orders on Sundays. We also do not process orders on major holidays as we are closed. 

12. Where are you based?
Our company is based in Peoria, IL. 

13. What if my watch is too big or too small?
All of our all-wood watches have wooden links with pins that can be adjusted. Upon receiving your watch, we recommend taking it to a local family Jeweler to be re-sized.

If this is not an option for you, just simply mail to us, let us know how many links need to be adjusted, and we will perform this complementary service (you will just need to pay for postage). 

14. Why should I purchase from Wooden Element?
First of all, we know you have many options available to you, and are very grateful for supporting our brand.

We see several reasons to support Wooden Element. We are a small business, and you would be supporting a local business. You would be supporting a minority owned, as well as a female owned business. You would be supporting a business that believes in female empowerment (as of now we have 9 female employees/associates). 

You would be supporting a business that gives back to the community (local partnerships with Best Buddies and Aletheia School).

You would be supporting a business that respects, and values all employees/associates (generous wage structure, bonus incentives, effective communication, and kindness in how we conduct our business). 

Lastly, you would be supporting a customer focused-business that diligently attempts to grow and learn from customer and employee feedback and engagement.
                                                                                                                            15. Do you offer installment payments?
Yes we do. We have partnered with Shop Pay so customers are able to make four separate, interest zero payments for their purchase. Shop own, and pay later. 

16. What are the benefits to your wooden accessories? 
We only use natural wood to craft our products. Wooden accessories and Jewelry are hypoallergenic. For people with sensitive skin, our wooden products can help prevent skin reactions. 

Our accessories are lightweight, and are extremely comfortable. Our watches, sunglasses, and earrings seem light as a feather. This makes them very attractive to customers. 

Our products are versatile. We have sunglasses frames that are able to take prescription lenses (Wood and Cellulose Acetate glasses), and handbags that can be worn as clutches or as cross-body bags.

We also offer complementary, ergonomic, collapsible, sunglasses cases that can be folded up into their triangular shape (see images under sunglasses collection). 

Our products are ethically sourced, and we strive to provide sustainable wooden accessories. Our business ethos has been to to be environmentally conscious.
We re-purpose packing material, up-cycle wood material, use environmentally friendly resin for earrings/necklace pendants, utilize bio-degradable cellulose acetate for sunglasses, obtain ethically sourced wood for woodworking, create sunglasses cases from recycled cardboard, etc 

Several of our products appeal to Vegan, as they only contain plant based components. We even have dedicated collections of handbags with Vegan Leather and a Cork collection (wholesale only). Our Cork collections are all made from Peta-Approved Portuguese Cork.