The Dubai Collection (Rose Gold Tungsten and Koa Wood)

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$89.99 USD

Band Width

This collection is inspired by all the wedding photographers we have worked with who encouraged us to create a line of wooden rings.  
Koa Wood (Acacia Koa) is found in Hawaii. The color can be highly variable, but tends to be medium golden or red/brown (similar to Mahogany). The grain of Koa wood is usually slightly interlocked, and sometimes wavy.   

Tungsten is a an extremely hard and dense metal. When combined with carbon alloy, it transforms into tungsten carbide. It is this durable tungsten carbide we use to craft our rings. As tungsten is so hard, so it is very difficult for a tungsten ring to get scratched.  It is the hardest metal on earth (only non-metals such as diamonds are harder than tungsten. 

This beautiful ring is crafted from Rose Gold tungsten carbide and features wood grain inlay and polished stepped edges. 
The band features wide Koa Wood, spanning almost the entire width of the ring. It is finished with a natural resin. Our rings are 100% Lead free. 

All of our tungsten carbide rings are made with nickel-binder alloy. This is necessary to bind the tungsten carbide together. Nickel-binder alloy is hypoallergenic and chemically inert. It does not oxidize or cause rashes, or irritate the skin.  
Featured sizes (comfort fit): 6-12 (US) 
Note: Tungsten Carbide bands cannot be resized after purchase.  

Band Width: 4 mm and 8 mm Options 
Each ring comes with a beautiful wooden Jewelry box and a one-year warranty.

An extended 5-year warranty is also available upon request. Please email for further details.  
All returns must be made within 14 days.