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Wood & Resin I-Phone Case | Wooden Element Handcrafted Phone Case.

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Apple Phone Model
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Our phone cases collection combines resin with unique burl wood.

A wood burl is a unique wood grain pattern achieved from harvesting unusual tree outgrowths. These areas of atypical growth are commonly found at the base of the tree.

This natural phenomenon results in unique and rich wood grain patterns that are visually stunning. This makes burl grain wood a prized medium for furniture makers, wood watch makers, sculptors, and artists. 

Our phone cases combine visually stunning burl wood pieces, and eco-friendly resin. Because each wood burl has a unique pattern, no two cases are ever the same. The wood grain pattern, color, contour, and texture all vary. 

We also combine these varied burl wood grain patterns with rich vibrant colors. The effect of natural light just further enhances the beauty of this product.

In addition to the front shell being visually attractive, our cases are very practical and durable. The protective, flexible rubber shell offers shock absorption when your phone is accidentally dropped. This protects your phone from day-to-day drops, bumps and bruises.

Please note that we strongly recommend a protective tempered glass screen cover for your phone.  


Product Highlights:


  • Sustainable Wooden Accessory. 
  • Environmentally Friendly Resin. 
  • Made using Re-purposed Natural Wood (Recycled Wood Burl Pieces). 
  • Contains Biodegradable Components. 
  • Drop Impact Protection. 
  • Packaging Made from Recycled Material.


Our cases are designed to fit the following apple products:


I-Phone 11

I-Phone 11 Pro

I-Phone 11 Max

I-Phone X

I-Phone XS

I-Phone XS Max

I-Phone XR

I-Phone XS Max

I-Phone 7

I-Phone 7 Plus

I-Phone 8

I-Phone 8 Plus

I-Phone 6S


14-Day Return Policy. 

**If this item is not in stock, it will take 7-10 business days for Wooden Element to prepare, and hand craft before it is ready to be shipped out!