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This Chronograph combines Maple and Red Sandalwood. 

Red Sandalwood is native to India. It is a small tree the grows 5-8 m and has a dark gray bark. The heartwood has a distinct red color and is used for carvings, furniture and decorative pieces.

The sapwood of maple lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood. Sapwood color ranges from almost white, to a light golden or reddish brown, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown. Silver Maple can also be seen with curly or quilted grain patterns. Grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. Has a fine, even texture. 


- Brown and Rose Gold Dial.

- Scratch-free and Ultra-Durable Mineral Glass

- Interlinked Maple & Red Sandal Wooden Band. 

- Stop watch and date functionality. 

Product Dimensions:  

Band Width:  48 mm

Case Thickness: 13 mm

Watch Strap Width: 24 mm

Watch Weight:  71 grams 

Battery: SONY SR626SW

Movement is Quartz with chronograph and date functionality. 


This watch is not water resistant. It is just slash-proof

Recommend taking your watch to a professional watch store when changing batteries or adjusting links.

14-Day Return Policy.

1-Year Warranty.

Included with purchase: Watch, Box and 1-year warranty. 

**If this item is not in stock, it will take 14 business days for Wooden Element to prepare, and hand craft before it is ready to be shipped out!